1. Minimum age of driver (s): 25 years. A valid driver’s license of classes A or 1, as well as a personal passport or passport, must be submitted.
  2. The driver has the driving, mental and physical abilities to drive the specified vehicle and declares that he or she is not under the influence of drugs or alcohol or medication, as well as the necessary safety instructions, and is in possession of the necessary Driving Licence.
  3. The driver undertakes to wear suitable motorcycle clothing and to observe the helmet requirement.
  4. The driver himself / herself has convinced himself on transfer of the condition or the driving comfort and the safety features and devices of the vehicle itself.
  5. The complete rent is to be paid in advance at the time of collection including the deposit.
  6. The Lessee shall be liable for any damage caused by improper or improper use. For damage when traveling in groups, if damage is caused within the group, e.g. By running up, each driver is liable for his rented motorcycle. The company Kings of the Road S.L.U. shall be liable for damages or injuries which the customer himself or others, for whatever reason, inflicts. By no means. The driver is responsible within the framework of the statutory provisions for all damages, which he causes knowingly or unknowingly and obligates the company to indemnify all damages claims.
  7. The Lessee notes that Kings of the Road S.L.U. A liability insurance «kasko» for the motorcycle, with deductible of Euro 3000, – which is exclusively at the expense of the driver. For this purpose, the company is to surrender the sum of the respective type by means of a notification of the credit card number and the expiry date when the vehicle is handed over (deposit). In case of guarantee by credit card the company Kings of the Road S.L.U. In the case of a third party’s claim for damages and / or damages, not full tank filling or a traffic penalty, is hereby expressly authorized to make the debiting over the amount owed.
  8. In all cases, the driver commits himself to pay for all fines imposed and, if necessary, also later on the suspension protocols, and the company Kings of the Road S.L.U. Harmless.
  9. In case of theft of the motorcycle during the rental period, the renter is liable with the above sum of the respective deductible (see point 7). The insurance company is not liable if it shows gross negligence, such as an unfinished motorcycle or ignition key.
  10. The vehicle may only be used on public roads and on gravel roads which are publicly permitted and used only for transit purposes. Sports or recreational use is not permitted.
  11. Vehicle documents must not be left in or on the vehicle.
  12. When parking, the steering wheel lock must be used. During the off-season, a garage or guarded car park must be used.
  13. In case of own fault, the return transport is also invoiced. For example: driving without fuel such as engine oil, cooling water or gasoline.
  14. The delivery of the vehicle is made upon request against the agreed amount.
  15. Children under 12 years of age are not permitted to drive under the Insurance Act.
  16. The vehicle may under no circumstances be borrowed from a third party.
  17. The driver accepts the indicated prices and conditions which form an integral part of the contract.
  18. In the case of cancellation up to 14 days before the rental date, 10% cancellation fees will be charged, until 7 days before the rental date 50% cancellation fees apply and on one day the full rental amount.
  19. The vehicle will be handed over to the tenant and must be brought back to full capacity.
  20. Serious negligence: Use the rental motorcycle indifferently and the resulting damage, eg:
    • Driving on a bicycle, e.g. Rear wheel drive and resulting damage.
    • Warning signals which are displayed by the instruments of the machine, but which are not observed. This includes, in particular, the oil control light and the cooling water control light.
    • Subsequent damage caused by non-observance of the bad distance